Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Obama had no connection to, or even heard of, Trayvon Martin before Martin attacked George Zimmerman and was killed, and yet Obama said "that could have been my son" and "that could have been me 25 years ago."

As President, Obama is the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces and he has ordered black men into war, of which hundreds have been killed; and yet, Obama has never said " that could have been my son" or "that could have been me 25 years ago." The reason why, because while Obama was a self admitted marijuana smoking thug as a young man just as was Martin, Obama did not fight for is country as black soldiers have, and he would never have wanted a son of his to do it either.


Celebrities are advocating boycotting Florida and not performing there. Does this mean they will not be attending any Miami Heat basketball games?

NC Concealed Weapons

In 1996, North  Carolina passed a concealed carry law. Opponents said there would be blood in the streets. DID NOT HAPPEN!.

Then NC allowed concealed weapon permit holder to carry in certain parks. Opponents said there would be blood in the streets. DID NOT HAPPEN!.

NC now allows concealed weapon permit holders to carry on greenways, where alcohol is served, and to store weapons in locked cars on education property. Opponents say there will be blood in the streets. WILL NOT HAPPEN!.


We fought a war to be free of the rule of British royalty  Now we have a country of idiots who adore them and their children. Just wait until the children of our current king and queen start start into politics  These same idiots will want them to inherit rule of our nation from the king, that is—if the nation survives his rule.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Think the United States cannot be destroyed by the 17 trillion dollar debt that Obama has forced upon us and our offspring. Look at what 60 years of democratic control has done to Detroit.

Women Seals

Feminists say women should be allowed to serve in the special forces, that they are just a tough as men and can fight the enemy just as well as men can. They are warriors and. if the need arises, they can withstand torture and fight to the death; just as long as the enemy does not use sexual harassment against them, then they are helpless. They are unable to resist the harassment or report it up the chain of command and it leaves them emotionally scarred for life.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Left is right

Wrong; George Zimmerman was wrong for not obeying the police dispatcher, who was not a sworn police officer, who told him not to get out of his vehicle.

Right: Justice for Trayvon protesters are right for disobeying sworn police officers who tell them to disband and stop looting.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Proud day

A proud day in a liberal's life is when his or her teenage child announces that he or she wants to go to college to become a medical doctor. The proudest day is when the child says he or she want to be an abortionist.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Liberals say Trayvon is dead because Zimmerman was armed. If Zimmerman had not been armed, Trayvon may have beaten him to death. If this had occurred, would Obama have felt the need to comment about the crim?. Would he said that the teenager killer could have been his son.? Would Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson have had anything to say? Would the media have turned the killing into a spectacle and mishandle the facts to make it seem as if Trayvon had murdered the man?

God is good

Conservative thinking is almost as bad as liberal thinking. The following is a letter to the editor of the Winston Salem Journal (with my comments)

Because of his belief that God should not be excused “for atrocities that would send anyone else to the electric chair,” a recent letter writer (“Both testaments together,” July 3) expressed an inability to comprehend why anyone would worship God. Since I have myself struggled with such matters, I can understand that writer’s disillusionment.

In the Bible, when God killed or commanded the killing of people he regarded as an abomination, the killing sometimes involved innocent children. Why it was necessary to kill innocent children in such situations is certainly difficult to understand. There are at least three points to ponder.

First, if God is the creator, he is sovereign and therefore he has the right not only to give life but also to take life. So, if parents are the creators of a baby,  shouldn't they be allowed to abort the baby.

Second, physical death is not a terrible thing if a person will subsequently go to heaven. Sounds similiar to Islam; since heaven is great, let's get there as soon as possible, and I will be glad to hasten your departure. Although not every person will go to heaven, many Christians believe that all children who have not reached the age of accountability will go to heaven; i.e., they will enjoy spending eternity with God. The age of accountability is the time when a child first becomes sufficiently mature to understand that certain behavior is wrong (i.e., immoral or sinful). Therefore, if you are unable to care for your child or you are fear it will turn against God as an adult, you should kill it now so it will be guaranteed to go to heaven.

Third, if we are willing to believe that God is truly holy and righteous, as is taught throughout the Bible, then we have good reason to trust him to do the right thing with regard to every matter. God can do no wrong. If he answers your prayer to let you child recover from cancer by curing the cancer, it is good. If he allows the child to die, it is good. Since God is good, no matter what happens to you, it is good since it's God's will.